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You hunted the defendant for the money you are owed … it wasn’t given to you.  You filed a lawsuit, paid the filling fee and a process server or the Sheriff's Department, appeared in court, sued and the Judge said, "You win!"  Your judgment may have been awarded by the court however, debt enforcement is your responsibility – but the debtor hides and you’re unable to collect. Now you can get help.

Increase your chances of recovering your judgment.

No Recovery - No Fees - Nationwide

  • We help individuals, businesses and corporations get their uncollected court awarded judgment cash.

  • We use every legal process and procedure through our network of investigators, collection agencies, court clerks, sheriffs, marshals, constables and attorneys at no cost to you.

  • We garnish wages, levy bank accounts and place liens on real estate or personal property.

  • We pursue every legal option available to seize and recover assets so they can be turned over to you.

  • No Recovery - No Fees - No Application Fees. We make our money only from the judgment debtor.

  • Nationwide Service (even if the debtor has moved to another state) - $3,000 minimum money judgment. 

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